]Morfose Oxydant Cream-10-20-30-40 Volume 150ml

]Morfose Oxydant Cream-10-20-30-40 Volume 150ml

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The oxidation cream is a creamy liquid that activates the dye. One of the most important elements of hair coloring is the selection of the correct oxidation cream. Please pay attention to using the oxidation cream carrying the same brand as the dye you have preferred. Suitable for all hair types; resistant, natural, or sensitive. For professional use. 10 Vol. Oxidation cream: For same shade and darker shade hair coloring. 20 Vol. Oxidation cream: For gray coverage, bleaching up to 1-2 shades and same shade hair coloring. 30 Vol. Oxidation cream: For bleaching up to 2-3 shades. 40 Vol. Oxidation cream: For bleaching up to 3-4 shades and applications of highlighting and balayage.

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