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Morfose Herbal Anti Hair Loss Shampoo 300ml

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Morfose Hair Care Shampoo conditions and energizes your scalp to improve the appearance of thin hair. The formula contains bioactive signalling molecules as well as Ethylpanthenol, Methionine, botanical extracts, biotin, vitamins, Inositol and the sulphur-rich amino acids Acetyl Cysteine and Acetyl. They vitalize the cells of the scalp and hair follicles, and then stimulate protein biosynthesis, which also prevents hair damage.


How To Use:

1. Thoroughly wet your hair.

2. Lather a quarter size amount of shampoo in your palms and then work into your roots. You don't need to shampoo the tips of your hair.

3. Rinse out all of the shampoo.

4. Apply conditioner, concentrating on the ends.

5. Rinse with cold water.