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Morfose OSSION Gum Gum Hair Gel Mega Strong

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Ossion Hair Gel provides strong hold and creates extreme hairstyles and structured shapes. Hair Gel doesn’t leaves any residue. Besides providing maximum strength, it maintains the desired style you want. With a beautiful fruity fragrance scent that stays on hair to last your hair smelling nice the entire day.

How To Use:

1. Start with a small amount of gel.

2. Rub it in between the hands and then through hair, make sure the gel is well distributed.

3. Then style into your desired style. Textured styles, spikes, or messy hair cam be air-dried. A flat top, comb over, or slicked back hair can benefit from blow-drying.

4. Compared to waxes, pomades, and other hair products, you will use more gel.


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