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Morfose Biotin Two Phase Conditioner- 200-400ml

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Biotin is a B vitamin that is sometimes referred to as vitamin H or vitamin B7. It is one of the eight vitamins in the vitamin B-complex. Biotin two phase conditioner was specially formulated for all hair types.

How To Use:

1. Choose the right conditioner for your hair type. A traditional conditioner is applied every time you shower, just after you rinse out your shampoo.

2. Wash your hair.

3. Rinse out your shampoo. Use warm water to wash out the shampoo. Warm water is safer on your hair than hot water is.

4. Wring out your hair. If your hair is wet the conditioner will just come right off.

5. Apply your conditioner. 

6. Let the conditioner set.

7. Rinse out the conditioner.