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Morfose cosmetics are well developed hair cosmetics brand established in Turkey and are now becoming a leading brand in the UK. We specialise in all types of hair and have a product which caters for each and every individual. Our catalogue consists of shampoo & conditioners, wax & gels, Milk Therapy products, hair treatments such as Keratin and Argan oil solutions and many more. We also cater our male audience with our special beard care collection.

We are the only brand that has been able to enter 98% of the hairdressers in Turkey. Having a wide consumer mass, The brand Morfose brings many new products to the consumers in our country. The power of the brand comes from its innovativeness and quality sense. Additionally, the experienced technical staff and technological production structure of the group companies have played an important role in the development of the brand. Morfose was introduced to the market with its wide product range, its modern and chic designs, and its quality to meet the consumer needs in the professional channel, thus achieving to become a popular brand trusted by the consumers.

MORFOSE has been investing in its future by carrying out product and process development operations with its devotion to innovation and development since the very first day of its foundation Considering its customers as strategic solution partners, Morfose Cosmetics focuses on the customer expectations and continues its investments in R&D works ranging from new product design to improvements of existing products. Collaborating with universities, industrial organisations and sectoral platforms, the company contributes to the development of new products and processes.


Our products are manufactured in compliance with the cosmetics regulations applicable in Europe and America in parallel with the Cosmetics Regulation of Turkish Ministry of Health, and all our products are registered in the Health Authorities of those countries.

Following the world trends closely, Sora R&D center designs projects according to consumer needs and develops new products. The products that are successfully tested are then presented to end users. We know innovation is a priority in the cosmetics sector. For the increasing consumer expectations, our Marketing and R&D teams constantly work to meet the new needs of the consumers with their constant research and development works.

On the other hand, we know what makes us different from other global brands and it is that we offer the same quality for a reasonable and affordable price. Therefore, Morfose consumers trust the brand and its products. 



Our sense of social responsibility in our company is based on environment and humans. We are trying to perform our responsibilities to the society by developing projects in focus areas regarding the environment such as energy, climate, water, waste water and solid wastes. Using low oscillation-raw-materials and developed technologies in our products, we manufacture with the highest quality without harming the environment. Continuing its operations in compliance with the standards and environmental regulations, our company also applies all rules and conditions under the human rights and working standards stated in the Global Compact. Moreover, we closely follow the innovations of the sector in cooperation with other global companies and we act sensitive in health, personal rights, and occupational safety of all our employees, which allowed us to successfully complete the ethical works and social controls, and to be included among the companies with international certifications.

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