The Best hair Wax For A Casually Stylish Baronet

We're sorry to break it to you, but that textured, just-out-of-bed look a la Robert Pattinson circa 2009 isn't something that just happens. Granted, the styling requires less attention to detail than pomade-honed pompadours and gel-crafted partings, but a little hair wax goes a long way if you're wanting to go au natural up top with just a hint of shine.

Hair wax is ideal for adding texture to styles without being overly groomed because it is lighter and easier to apply than most other hair products. The bulk of them are made with materials like beeswax, candelilla, carnauba, castor, and more, and they all allow you to remould your style throughout the day.

Unfortunately, not all hair waxes are made equal, and only a few receive our highest recommendation. But first, here's a little more from Ruffians creative director Denis Robinson on why a hair wax is worth its place in your style routine.

What are the greatest hair wax styles to create?

"To be honest, wax can be used on pretty much any style - styling products alter the appearance of the style, not the style itself," Robinson explains. "Waxes are a delicate, sparkly substance with little grip, but they're fantastic for producing a sheen." Wax isn't the way to go if you want a style that needs a lot of help with structure. And, while it can be used on longer hair types, too much wax can make hair look greasy and lank, so it's best reserved for shorter and mid-length styles."

What is the difference between wax and clay for hair?

"Waxes are made to have a high sheen and little hold, whereas clays are made to have a low gloss and a lot of guts. That's why waxes are preferable for thicker, stronger hair types that don't require much repairing but might use a little shine. Clays are more appropriate for styles that require texture and grip."

Is it necessary to remove hair wax before going to bed?

"To be honest, I'd say yes." Especially if you're like me and move around a lot in bed. The wax will go on your bed linens and then end up all over your face as you move about, clogging pores and causing acne."

What is the most effective method for applying hair wax?

"Waxes should be used to dry hair, either after blow drying or after it has completely dried. When you apply gloss to wet hair, the hair loses its firmness and becomes incredibly floppy and difficult to handle.

"Apply a small amount to the palms of your hands and begin with the area that requires the most control. I usually begin at the front and work my way back through the hair. Because waxes slide over time, the product will glide down the hair shaft over the day, I avoid getting too close to the hairline. Several hours after applying product, you may notice your hair becoming a little thicker and floppier. Plus, by staying away from the hairline, you'll avoid getting it on your forehead, which can lead to breakouts."

Our greatest hair wax for men can be found here:

morfoseuk wax

Oat Well Wax:

Oat Well Wax is a firm favourite among the brand's four million-plus customers. It can be used as a pre-styler and heat protestant, and it has a medium hold and a semi-matte finish. It gives the optimum blend of flexibility and firmness for a long-lasting and pliable hold. It's suitable for all hair types (but especially thick and unruly hair). It contains moisturising jojoba seed oil (which helps prevent hair loss), horsetail fern extract (which soothes scalp irritation and other diseases like dandruff and dermatitis), eucalyptus extracts (which stimulate hair development), and castor seed oil (which helps prevent hair loss) (to help strengthen and fortify). It's infused with a delicate vanilla smell and embodies the San Francisco-based company's commitment to providing creative styling tools that are all about self-expression.

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