7 Men's Haircare Tips

You take excellent care of your skin and body. You put in a lot of effort to eat well, exercise regularly, and maintain a healthy appearance.

Great. But how does your hair seem these days?

You're making a tremendous error if your answer is "not great," or if you don't even think about your hair. Consider this: good grooming doesn't end at the hairline! So, if you want to keep your hair looking fantastic, you must correctly treat and style it.

What's the good news? This isn't as difficult as it appears. To step up your game, here are 7 vital, easy-to-follow hair care techniques for men.

1 - Use a gentle, natural shampoo

Your hair needs to be cared for with a gentle cleanser made entirely of natural components. Shampoos with a long list of harsh chemical compounds should be avoided.

You won't find any petrochemicals, sulphates, parabens, phthalates, or silicones in either of our shampoos since we're committed to only using the best natural ingredients in all of our products. Instead, we use the following:

Morfose Herbal Anti Hair Loss Shampoo 300ml

Morfose Herbal Anti Hair Loss Shampoo 300ml: Made with wheat protein hydrolyzed (to thicken and strengthen hair), amino acids (to boost follicular volume and shine), vitamin E (to encourage healthy hair growth), and peppermint and tea tree oils (to promote healthy hair growth) (to relieve irritation and soothe the scalp).

2 - Don't wash your hair every day

Many men develop the practise of using shampoo every day, assuming that they should be washing their hair every time they shower. For many men, though, this is just not the case.

The oils secreted by your scalp are supposed to nourish, protect, and maintain the health of your hair. Shampooing too frequently removes your hair of its natural oils, leaving it lifeless, brittle, and fragile.

If you have naturally dry or thin hair, or if you use a harsh shampoo with sulphates, parabens, or too drying detergents, you should be concerned.

We're not advising you to forgo the shampoo entirely (your hair gets sweaty, dirty, and gross - please wash it). Instead, switch to a volumizing, strengthening shampoo and alter your hair washing frequency as needed, based on your hair type and other considerations.

The hair-strengthening elements in our Daily Strengthening Shampoo, such as hydrolyzed wheat protein, amino acids, and vitamin E, help to strengthen and nourish individual strands.

Even if you're dealing with a dandruff outbreak, this is still true. Even if you use our Relieving Dandruff Shampoo every other day - or even less if you have a particularly sensitive scalp - it will still provide the scalp soothing, dandruff-eliminating qualities you require.

Remember that your hair should feel slightly oily after washing it, as this indicates that your natural oils are still intact and you aren't rinsing your strands clean.

3 - Apply a conditioner to your hair

Sorry, but shampoo alone isn't going to keep you looking great. Remember that even the most natural shampoo can strip your hair of its nutritious oils, and it won't protect your hair from day-to-day harm or the elements.

The correct hair conditioner - one that contains the best natural components - will do the trick. Hair conditioner, unlike shampoo, does not simply wash away oil and grime. Rather, it:

  • Hair and scalp are nourished.
  • Oils that have been lost are replaced.
  • Encourages hair growth
  • The cuticle of your hair is protected and strengthened.
  • Enhances hair health

Over time, this will leave your hair nourished, strong, and shinier. Organic aloe, borage oil, and avocado oil nourish your hair and scalp with our Revitalizing Hair Conditioner.

Unless your hair is extremely long, you only need to apply a nickel-sized amount of conditioner two to three times per week, and be sure to rub it into your scalp and through the ends. After all, your hair develops out of your scalp, so keeping your scalp healthy is essential for strong, healthy-looking hair.

If you have naturally oily hair, don't worry; it won't make it greasy. Simply pay attention to how your hair reacts and modify your application frequency accordingly.

4 - See your barber on a regular basis

Do you put off going to the barbershop indefinitely? Try to postpone it till you can't stand it any longer? If this is the case, you are not properly caring for your hair.

Regular excursions to the barbershop, if safe in your location, are part of making grooming a priority. Though it mostly depends on your hairstyle and preferred length, we recommend that you visit at least once a month to maintain the greatest look.

And it's not just about maintaining your appearance. The ends of your hair are exposed to the elements, heat, and friction from clothing and daily activity over time. This can weaken strands, resulting in split ends and hair that appears dryer and more damaged.

Regular haircuts and trims can successfully remove this damage, resulting in stronger, healthier hair in the long run.

5 - Pick a hairstyle that complements your features

Hairstyles aren't all made equal. Even with the same haircut, not every guy will look the same. It's critical, then, that you pick a haircut that complements and flatters your facial shape.

Think about your facial shape and hair texture first. Then have a look at these hairstyles that are meant to flatter you (you can learn more about choosing the right hairstyle for your face shape here).

Remember that the guidelines aren't meant to limit your possibilities; you can find a variant of any style that works for you. It's simply a matter of knowing what looks well on you and how to choose a style that flatters your features.

6 - Be Gentle With Your Hair

When it comes to washing and styling your hair, you're doing yourself a huge disservice if you're rough, tough, and negligent. If you treat your hair carefully once you get out of the shower and begin styling it, it will look much nicer. Particularly, be gentle when:

Getting Your Hair Dry

  • Avoid vigorously rubbing and pulling your hair with a towel, since this causes strand-weakening friction.
  • Showering in extremely hot water can rob your skin of its natural oils.
  • Extra hot hair dryer settings should be avoided since long-term contact to such high temperatures may leave your hair brittle and parched, making it look like hay.

Instead, after you get out of the shower, gently towel-dry your hair. If you do use a hair dryer, make sure to lower the heat, move the drier around, and keep it farther away from your scalp.

How to Style Your Hair
Similarly, when brushing or styling your hair, avoid yanking on tangles or pulling on your hair. This will irritate your scalp and, over time, lead to hair thinning, especially in men who have already begun to lose hair.

Instead, develop the practise of gently brushing your hair (using the correct conditioner will make everything smoother and simpler) and working your way through any tangles you may have.

7 - Make Use Of Natural Styling Supplies

Finally, use natural, healthy-for-your-hair style products to complete your hair care routine.

Too many style products contain harsh substances that dry and damage your hair while also giving it a thick, gritty appearance. Hair gels, pomades, and waxes are also absorbed far more deeply into the scalp than shampoo and conditioner. If you use a product that contains potentially dangerous substances, those chemicals will seep into your hair follicles and inhibit hair development. This isn't ideal.

That's why you should use a natural or organic styling product, like beeswax, castor oil, vitamin E, or argan oil, and why our pomades contain hydrating, non-damaging components like beeswax, castor oil, vitamin E, and argan oil.

Depending on the final aesthetic you want to achieve, you have a variety of options:

Men’ Hair Care

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