Why is it important to use conditioner?

There are many benefits for using conditioner such as helping create soft and smooth hair. It also helps prevent hair breakage and tangling of the hair. Conditioning is not only for long hair. It is needed for all types of short or medium. Towel damage. When wet, our hair’s really vulnerable, and roughly towel drying it can cause breakage and damage to cuticles. Using conditioner beforehand helps to reduce the stress it experiences.

What we Recommend

Milk Therapy Conditioner

Morfose Milk Two Phase Conditioner

provides the production and the care that your hair needs against the heat sun, sea and environmental factors which are hostiles  of the moisture in the hair. Milk protein prevents hair from losing moisture by trapping in the hair during and before the heat treatment.
Amino Keratin Conditioner

Ossion Amino Keratin Hair Treatment Cream

is an intensive treatment which helps your hair to regain the keratin with amino acids in it’s content. Keratin amino acids penetrates the hair’s inner layer to help your hair to become smoother, softer and stronger.

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