What To Use For That Slick Back Look?

Steps to achieving the slick back hairstyle:

1. Shampoo Your Hair as having left over product from a previous day will make your hair greasy and when you attempt to slick your hair back it will become undone.

2. Finish with a conditioner to restore hydration and stylability. This will give you a clean, soft canvas for the rest of the process.

3. Use a wide-tooth comb. A wide-tooth comb will prevent tugging and pulling, and is more effective at detangling than a standard comb.

4. Let your hair rest so it becomes 50% damp and 50% dry.

5. Apply your product and distribute evenly. Run your hands through your hair, to massage the product all the way through.

6. Comb everything straight back.

7. Finally use a quality hairspray and keep you slick back in a stronghold. 

What We Recommend

milk shampoo

Milk Therapy Shampoo

Thanks to it’s creamy texture, Morfose creamy milk shampoo containing milk protein and 12 essential amino acids moisturizes your hair while cleaning it.

keratin conditioner

Keratin Shampoo

Ossion Amino Keratin Hair Treatment Cream is an intensive treatment which helps your hair to regain the keratin with amino acids in it’s content.


Bryantin Pro-Style

While giving shape to your hair easily with Morfose Brilliantine, you also have a shining appearance. It doesn’t cause greasing on hair and is cleaned easily with shampoo.

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