How to Make Your Scalp Stop Itching?

Normally, The simplest cause of an itchy scalp is buildup of hair products and dead skin cells. Therefore, if you aren’t already doing so, begin by making sure you wash your hair at least every other day. 

All you need to do is find the right quality product and wash your hair almost everyday.

What We Recommend

milk therapy shampoo

Milk Therapy Shampoo

Thanks to it’s creamy texture, Morfose creamy milk shampoo containing milk protein and the 12 essential amino acids, moisturizes your hair while cleaning it. It softens the dry hair and ensures you feel this effect for a long time.

milk therapy conditioner

Milk Therapy Conditioner

Morfose Milk Two Phase Conditioner provides the production and the care that your hair needs against the heat sun, sea and environmental factors which are hostiles  of the moisture in the hair.

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