How To Make Your Hair Soft?

Achieving soft and silky hair is just so satisfying right? Well if your using hot tools then say goodbye to that. All blow dryers, hair straighter, and curlers are slowly damaging your hair and you don't even know it.

That why we recommend staying natural as can be and let your hair develop peacefully without anything disrupting it.  Here a few tips on how to maintain a soft textured hair:

1. Use a T-Shirt to dry your hair - While you may love rubbing your hair dry after a nice long shower, that act creates friction and fluffs up the cuticle, causing knots and breakage. So, instead, opt for a smooth cotton shirt when drying your hair. Use it to squeeze out the water, instead of trying to rub it out.

2. Don't rinse too well - Fight the instinct to get squeaky clean! After applying conditioner, Rinse with cold water until your hair is slightly slippery. The conditioner that's left on your strands will keep working throughout the day.

3. Use the right treatment - Here at Morfose we have quality hair products  that will support and speed up the development process of your hair. Our products are specially formulated to make your hair feel  and look natural as it can be.


What We Recommend

keratin conditioner

Ossion Amino Keratin Hair Treatment Cream

is an intensive treatment which helps your hair to regain the keratin with amino acids in it’s content. Keratin amino acids penetrates the hair’s inner layer to help your hair to become smoother, softer and stronger.


MORFOSE Milk Therapy Shampoo

Thanks to it’s creamy texture, Morfose creamy milk shampoo containing milk protein and 12 essential amino acids moisturizes your hair while cleaning it. it softens the dry hair and ensures dry hair and ensures you feel this effect for a long time.


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