How Often Should I Get My Hair Colored?

Some people get the wrong idea on hair colour as they believe once they colour their hair it will last for months. However, that is not the case and your hair needs a lot of attention when making a big change from its natural state.

Morfose have a perfect solution to this very common problem and have available an amazing product. It's their very own 'Change Colour Spray'. With a wide selection of colours and the magic of it is that the colour of the hue changes due to the weather it maybe in the environment.

The best part is which supports your needs is that it's very easy to remove after one simple wash. The bottle is so compact that you can carry it around with you in your bag and add more colour to your hair through out the day.


What We Recommend

pink change color

The Morfose Change Color Spray

has a special formula that changes the color of the hair due to a temperature difference. It is suitable for everyday use.

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