How Do You Reverse Grey Hair?

Grey hair really can't be taken out as it is resulting from your genes. However, there are a few things you can do to improve the overall health of your hair. Your hair is made of protein, a diet high in proteins will greatly strengthen your follicles. Eggs, fish, and nuts are great choices.

DO NOT USE TWEEZERS! Grey hair will just grow back again and by plucking them out you are just damaging your head all together.

Often individuals dye their whole head, but the best idea would be to dye for highlights. You look much younger even before you attained the grey hair and feel great about yourself. Try out the Morfose 'Change Colour Spray', it instantly changes the colour of your hair and you go back to your natural colour straight after. The spray is easy to wash and leaves no residue and colour. 

What We Recommend

change colour spray

Change Colour Spray

 The Morfose Change Color Spray has a special formula that changes the color of the hair due to a temperature difference. It is suitable for everyday use.

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